We don’t only want to talk about how excited we are that Eva Longoria is launching a second fragrance, but about how down right gorgeous she looks in the ad campaign for it.  

EVAmour, by Eva Longoria is apparently worlds apart from her debut fragrance, and far more dramatic if we are to believe the lady herself.

“You have different fragrances for different moods,” Eva said. “If you are feeling seductive and sophisticated, wanting to go out and make a bolder statement, you wear the second one. If you are working around other people in an office, the first one might be more appropriate.”

Well, there you have it – perfume advice from Eva Longoria herself. And the colour of the bottle wasn’t picked out of a hat, oh no. Eva chose it as the colour red reportedly resembles women, power and amour in her world.

The perfume contains notes of pink lady apple and red current which sounds very appropriate for the coming summer months – we can’t wait to smell it for ourselves!



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