Last Updated on 3rd April 2012

Yesterday we read an article in The Daily Mail that suggested Hilary Duff was apparently struggling to shed her post-pregnancy weight, which consequently led to us being a tad upset.   

We had frowns on our faces because a) we think she looks incredible and more importantly b) it hasn’t even been a fortnight since Hilary gave birth to her little bundle of joy, and we’re saddened that she felt such pressure to get her pre-pregnancy body back.

This is why we were very happy bunnies when we read that gorgeous model and Vogue cover girl Arizona Muse thinks her body has never looked better… and it isn’t down to a new fad diet or ridiculous exercise routine, but in fact, her baby!

“At first I was like, ‘I’m going to be fat forever! I think we all feel that way after we have a baby,” she said. “ I threw away so many clothes thinking that it would be so depressing having them sitting in my drawer when they’re never going to fit me. I got rid of my favourite pair of jeans, which of course would fit me now. You just have to give your body time.

“I tell mothers that you have to wait a whole year before you start judging your body. Just give yourself a whole year of rest… I think my body was better after I had a child, actually. I prefer my body now to what it was like before I had Nikko – although I exercise now and I didn’t then.”

You hear that Hil? And this goes for all other new yummy mummies: no pressure!

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