Last Updated on 10th April 2012

If Miss Piggy can have her own MAC range and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo can have its own H&M collection, why shouldn’t Snow White and the Huntsman get its own make-up kit with Benefit, eh?

The make-up kit is entitled ‘Rare Beauty’, will retail for $45 and will mainly centre on achieving Kristen Stewart’s Snow White look. Well, she is supposed to be the fairest of them all, so a make-up kit is the best way to go on the merchandising front if you ask us!

As well as getting a really cute make-up bag, inside it you’ll find some POREfessional primer, BADgal lash mascara, High Beam highlighter, a Benetint liquid brush, a booklet with make-up tutorials, and a card that gives you info on how you can access behind-the-scenes footage of the make-up artists prepping the actors for the film. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The Snow White and the Huntsman kit is hitting Benefit counters and the website from April 17th. Will you be getting one?

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