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This week’s Rate or Slate was a hot topic amongst our fashionably clued up readers!

To our Style Jury this week, we put Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon’s Julian MacDonald number, Rita Ora’s gossip-inducing, head-turning and question-raising cut out leather dress and wife to one of the Men In Black, Jada Pinkett Smith’s one shouldered Versace dress.

Here’s what the rather discerning lot thought…


Fashion News Ed says:

Rita Ora: ‘Goodness, Rita looks, er… interesting. I’m saddened and somewhat offended by this sartorial choice, as I love her when she gets it right and opts for something tasteful rather than trashy. Definitely a slate from me!’

Alesha Dixon: ‘On paper, Alesha’s dress should be perfect, but it doesn’t do anything for me, or her, for that matter. I don’t know what’s up with it, but she looks like a jacket potato wrapped in foil. The majority of herBritain’s Got Talent wardrobe has been spot-on though so I have no idea what happened here. Maybe the stylist went home early?’

Jada Pinkett Smith: ‘Elizabeth Banks rocked the black version of this dress a few months ago, and I would have preferred Jada in that colour better as it would be a tad more age appropriate. However, she is still the best dressed out of these three, although it doesn’t take much this week!’

You say:

‘Jada looks ok, I wouldn’t say amazing but the best out of the 3. Rita & Alesha are far too OTT!’ – @KatieArmstrong via Twitter

What is Alesha wearing? I don’t understand how she always gets it so wrong (doesn’t she have a stylist?) As for Rita, she looks a hot mess; I wouldn’t know where to begin. Jada nailed it even though the dress is for someone younger in my opinion.’ – Amelia Amelia via Facebook

Think I would have to say Rita. There is a slight dress size issue. Alesha’s dress looks too old but I like Jada’s’ – @KarenL109 via Twitter

Verdict: RATE to the power of one!

It’s safe to say that the competition this week was anything but fierce, but Will Smith’s missus, Jada, appears to be the favourite! Although her Versace number wasn’t a WOW-inducing look and she could certainly do without the eye-opening colour, it still beat the others. Rita, maybe an ill-fitting dress isn’t the answer to playing dress up like a fish…those scale-like ripped sides haven’t bowled us over. This dress can definitely RIP in the bin!  She’d been doing so well on BGT, sartorially, but Alesha’s Julien MacDonald dress was a rushed decision by the stylist, or lack.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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