Last Updated on 15th October 2012

As pleasing as outdoor Pilates and aerobics classes may be, it’s time
to change their location as winter is drawing in. This is exactly
what gyms and fitness centres do to entice sport lovers.

Even though certain outdoor activities may be forgotten for the
coldest months, there are still a lot of opportunities for you to keep on exercising throughout winter. A bigger issue is to stay
motivated in deep winter when a warm blanket seems your best friend.

Be prepared

According to Julie Santure of the Battle Creek YMCA, you have to “plan and be prepared” to keep fit throughout winter. It means making a conscious effort to keep to your workout schedule. “I always tell people you can plan to come to the gym, but you have to be prepared and put your gym bag in the car so you can come immediately after work,” she comments.

While sitting on the couch all winter is no good, keeping fit doesn’t necessarily mean attending the gym every day as if you’re training to set a new record. Just make sure you get a little exercise two or three times a week. Julie Santure suggests exploring cross training in different areas to stay interested and motivated during the coldest season.

Even in cold weather and during busy weekends, a lot of people feel the urge to go for a fitness walk. For instance, Waite Park in Minneapolis was a favourite location for hundreds of people hiking and having fun with their families in September.

Peter Theismann, parks operations coordinator, said he was glad the park became so popular, especially on Sundays when the fitness walk used to take place. “We feel like some people don’t even realise it’s
here and available”, commented Tim and Louise May, fitness walk enthusiasts.

There are plenty of opportunities to keep exercising even in colder days. From walking in the fresh air to working out at a local gym to attending Pilates classes several times a week, workout options abound. So plan your winter workout schedule, put your gym bag in the car and continue exercising.

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