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Halloween costumes can be quite stressful as there’s a handful of different ways to approach dressing up for the big night.

As Mean Girls taught us, Halloween is the perfect excuse for dressing in your sexiest outfits without being judged (much) but that’s not the only approach to take. Getting into the Halloween spirit also means living out your sartorial fantasy, so if you always wanted to be a mermaid, a Renaissance princess or even a cat, this is your chance!

But of course it is Halloween, which is really the only chance you’ll get to don some truly frightening, faux-blood-splattered attire; so what do you do in this conundrum? Simple – you do a Gwen Stefani and go for all three!

The gorgeous No Doubt singer and style icon embraced all three of the key dress-up themes this Halloween as she donned her Bad Sandy from Grease costume (with a Pink Lady style jacket for good measure) for Jonathan Ross’s party. Not only did she go for a theme, but she looked incredibly sexy in the process so that’s two boxes ticked. And she went for scary/gorey thanks to the bullet wound and gashes on her head and neck, so that’s yet another tick!

Next Halloween, we might go as Gwen Stefani going as Sandy… does that make sense?


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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