Last Updated on 1st May 2013

Is your girlfriend packing everything under (and maybe even including) the kitchen sink for your upcoming summer holiday? Don’t shake your heads and fists too much, because we know that men can also fall victim to packing too much – and the wrong things – for their holidays. This is why we’ve compiled a helpful travel essential list for you, so you can save room in your suitcase for all the souvenirs (read: cheap booze) on the way back. You’re welcome.

Not to pack:

Too many jeans. Denim takes up more room in your suitcase than you’d think, so only take two pair of jeans at most. We suggest one light colour and one dark colour for maximum mix-and-matching potential. Opt for chinos and board shorts instead!

Camera. Bit of a nightmare, the camera. You’ll need to pack batteries, chargers, worry about memory cards and water damage etc… the list is practically endless. Use your phone instead to capture those fine holiday moments.

Electric toothbrush and shavers. Believe it or not, the world functioned quite well without electric toothbrushes and shavers, so you can manage a few weeks without them too. You never know what electrical sockets are going to be available to you, so don’t run the risk of packing them for no reason!

Hair products – we know you’re not as particular with your hair products as the ladies are, so don’t waste precious suitcase room with heavy shampoos and hair gels. These are cheap enough to buy on holiday (or use the ones provided in the hotel) and you can avoid the risk of them exploding all over your clothes.

Aftershave. Believe it or not, your favourite aftershave will smell different on holiday than it does in your own country. Plus, you might find it really overpowering and it might even irritate your skin. Get a summer edition of your fave scent from the airport instead – these are made with the sun in mind, and you won’t have to carry the heavy bottle in your suitcase. Plus – Duty Free!

To pack:

One pair of good shoes. You never know what the dress code of some of those fancy holiday restaurants is going to be, so always pack one pair of smart shoes just in case. You don’t want to be refused entry just because of your footwear!

Blackberry Bold 9700. Apart from the Mrs, your Blackberry Bold 9700 best friend for the entire duration of the holiday. It will be your planner, your alarm clock, your camera, your music provider, the lot. Don’t forget the charger, you’ll be lost without it!

Adapters. Make sure you pack a few of these – as well as an extension lead – just in case. There’s nothing worse than not being able to charge your phone when you need it most. Alternatively, those battery operated mobile chargers that are popular with festival-goers would also work a treat!

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