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As much as we look forward to our Friday nights out – i.e. the best excuse to get dressed to the nines and step out in our mightiest heels complete with our biggest lashes and sparkliest dresses – it’s no secret that we love our days or nights in too.

The best thing about nights in (apart from the endless cups of tea and countless movies just a few clicks of the remote away) is the ability to dress down, and nothing says understated, comfy, dressed-down attire quite like a hoodie. You could even create your own from a site like And even though they’re perfect for rocking around the house, they’re also great to wear with skinny jeans instead of a jacket while you go shopping, to the cinema, to see friends, to the gym, and other semi-casual activities. Here are five of our fave hoodies under £50:

1.– We love a good slogan, none more so than the one emblazoned on the front of this hoodie. Comfort with a tough, edgy twist! Roxy black hoodie, £60 £48

2.– Just because you’re having a dressed down day doesn’t mean your colour palette needs to be in the black and grey region. Brighten your clothes and your mood will follow suit. AX Paris pink neon zipper hoodie, £14.99

3.– Who says your hoodie can’t have a little bit of bling to it? Whoever said hoodies are just for wearing while lounging around the house clearly didn’t see this blinged up badboy. Lipsy scatter blue sequin hoodie, £45

4.– Superdy comes out on top when it comes to hoodies – it is to hoods what Christian Louboutin is to power heels. You get the picture! There are countless colour combos to choose from, so go wild! Superdry vintage hoodie, £44.99

5.– We can’t help but feel Cara Delevinge would be all over this hoodie! Think of it as part of an adorable, comfy onesie (a halfsie, if you will) that you can wear outside! New Look oatmeal pug ears hoodie, £14.99

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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