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H&M doesn’t just want to tell us about its popular clothing recycling program – Garment Collecting – it wants to show us too!

H&M has put together a pretty neat little campaign video to show us just how far recycling can go, in a bid to help save the planet from the ongoing problem of fabric waste. The Garment Collecting video shows us how all of our old clothes can be used and reused before calling it a day and finally being disposed of.

Garment Collecting, for those unfamiliar with the term and the program, is a global initiative whereby H&M tries to bring new life to old clothes. All you have to do is bring in your old and unwanted clothes to H&M stores up and down the country, and then they’ll either be recycled, reworn or reused. All fine purposes for a piece of clothing you were going to chuck in the bin, anyway!

Nearly 5000 tonnes of textiles have been collected in the space of just one year which we think is pretty remarkable; to get a bigger and better picture, that’s enough to make a staggering 15 million t-shirts! Not bad going, is it?

We think H&M’s new video really illustrates the benefits of the program and really brings the message home; watch it for yourselves to see what we mean.

Do you  have any clothes that you’ll be willing to take down to H&M for the sake of the Garment Collecting Initiative?

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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