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When you know he is going to pop the ‘big question’ (you’re convinced!), so many thoughts come to mind. Where will it happen? How will he surprise you? Do your parents know?

So, so many questions… and the suspense only builds when it comes to the most crucial question of all: What will the ring look like?! Will it suit your style?!

Will it be a classic ring? A custom ring? What diamond shape will he choose? The options for engagement rings is (seemingly) endless these days, making this question not such an “easy” one.

That said, one can always use their imagination, and we may have found a way to ‘guess’ what ring your love decides to purchase for you… based on their personality!

After all, you know your partner well (we hope!), so perhaps they fit into one of these categories… and the ring will prove it!

True Traditional

Does your spouse remind you of the long and beloved characters from the many romantic classics, bringing you flowers, leaving loving notes to be found? Maybe he pictures his future with you in a beautiful home, graced by a blooming garden, all set with a white picket fence?

If this sounds accurate, it’s safe to say your partner could be defined as the ‘True traditional’, or in other words, the ‘Hopeless romantic’. Given his love for tradition, there is a high chance you will find your ring finger graced with a classic diamond on a gold band; the original representation of ‘true love’!

The ‘Flasher

Don’t panic… we aren’t referring to the idea of your spouse running naked through the streets (as some may have possibly done in Uni). We mean a different kind of ‘flash’ – the guy who has it all, in top quality. The best car, latest technology, nice clothes… he is certainly out to impress, and you can bet that your ring is going to be the star of the show!

While it could be anything in regards to style, one thing’s for sure; it’s going to be BIG, unique and definitely turn heads! Most likely, he may choose a completely custom ring, or follow the heart-shaped ring trend, with all the shine and sparkle (and big, big big)!

Your Perfect Perfectionist

With everything organized to a ‘T’, whether it be your weekend plans, your future life together, his apartment, his car… you could definitely refer to your loved one as a ‘perfectionist’. He’s a strong willed guy who knows what he wants, and it needs to follow a structured and organized plan… there is just no other way to do it!

Given this personality type, you know there is going to be a lot of thought put into such a major decision. After all, the ring must be perfect for his perfect woman (you), and there is simply no room to take any chances here. Perhaps he actually proposes to find the perfect ring together, as many couples do these days, ensuring every aspect of the ring is exactly how it should be: Perfect!

The Creative Type

Perhaps he’s an artist of some kind, very extroverted with big ideas that certainly fall “outside of the box”. Regardless of his career path, you know your partner to be extremely creative in everything he does, and when it comes to the ring on your finger, this decision will be no different.

If this sounds like your man, ‘traditional’ will certainly not be the chosen path here. There is a high chance you will find yourself with a multiple coloured gemstone ring, very likely customized, with a unique shape and style… just like him!

While it’s certainly fun to think about, you will never really be sure which ring he chooses until he pops the question… both exciting and a moment filled with suspense! It may be worth noting that some things in life are meant to be a surprise, and perhaps this is one of those moments you should treasure as such. Whichever ring your love happens to present to you, remember the most important thing: You found someone who makes you smile, and that’s the perfect part of all!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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