Last Updated on 19th July 2017

The rise of the ‘sports luxe’ or the ‘athleisure’ trend has come as no surprise and it has quickly become established into millions of different peoples wardrobes. It has seen joggers, hoodies, trainers and blazers redesigned solely for the purpose of being luxurious and comfortable at the same time. The casualwear style is no longer associated with gym wear, as it is now bringing you a casual feel with a luxury look. With all of this happening, it can be difficult to add into your wardrobe, especially as it will require a little experimenting, so we thought we’d help you.

Muscle Fit Is Now Here

Muscle fit t-shirts are now the perfect addition, especially for those who love the athleisure trend. It allows you to almost show off your body and brings together a smoother and cleaner fit. It complements your tireless routine at the gym and is available in a host of different styles and brands. The muscle fit will effortlessly blend into all your outfit choices and will help you look a little smarter.

The Zip Up Hoodies

No matter where you are, zip up hoodies are often classed as casual wear. This is even after Ralph Lauren and Jack Wills have added a smarter approach to hoodies. The fabrics are a little more intricate and technical, meaning they are better tailored and fitted, rather than the baggy. It can often be a chuck on, however, zip up hoodies can be worn with both smart and casual styles.

Step Forward Tank Tops

Just as much as joggers are commonly associated with the youths of today, tank tops are stereotyped to body builders. The view has quickly been shifted away from this, especially as women and men are incorporating both baggier and fitted styles into their outfits. Tank tops are perfect for the summer and they now have become a lot more stylish once compared to the past. Tank tops are available for different outfit types too, as you are tailor it around whether you want to smart or casual.

Track Pants

Track pants have now quickly become a favourite for both men and women because of the athleisure trend. Track pants are no longer the ideal item of fitness enthusiasts, especially as they have been tailored and tightened in order to look incredibly smart and seamless. They are now suitable to be worn everywhere and anywhere, with its clean look.  

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