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Many of us are now ditching our car keys and commuter carriages for a much easier option – cycling. The increasing number of employers offering cycle to work schemes, as well as local councils taking steps to improve cycle routes around our bustling cities, are making it easier than ever to hop on our bikes. Here are five reasons why your bike will be your new best friend.

You’ll Be Fighting Fit and Healthy

Cycling is a great form of aerobic exercise and will get your heart pumping, enhance your mobility and increase your stamina. It is a great way to burn calories, slim down and tone up – so ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight! If you have a busy schedule and struggle to make time for the gym, you can improve your overall fitness levels just by doing your daily commute. Win, win.

You Can Take It Everywhere with You

Companies are increasingly creating brilliant bikes with commuters in mind. Companies such as Brompton offer genius designs which can be folded or unfolded in under 20 seconds. This is ideal for those commuters who cycle part way and need to hop on a bus or train with their bike. The compact design also makes it super easy to store too – no need for a large bike to take up half your apartment!

You Will Save Money

Sure, you need to buy the bike in the first place. But the amount you will save in commuting costs over the years will far outweigh the cost of the bike. Think of all the dosh you spend each month on trains, tubes, buses and petrol – it’s painfully expensive, right?! That could all go towards that fab new handbag or pair of boots you spotted…

You Will Be Improving The Environment

Cycling is so much better for the environment than driving – with British Cycling stating that “shifting just 10% of journeys from car to bike would reduce air pollution and save 400 productive life years”. And it’s not just air pollution that would be greatly improved, noise pollution would be too. Its simple: fewer cars make less noise, making our cities a much quieter and happier place to be.

You Will Always Be On Time

We’ve all faced the dreaded stand-still rush hour traffic. Or sat on a freezing train platform because your train is delayed, or staff have decided to go on strike. The “I’m going to be late” panic is never fun when you’re blurry-eyed and rushing first thing in the morning. The great thing about cycling is that you have total control of your commute. You can set off at any time to suit you (no more abiding by timetables that make you 20 minutes early or late) and once you’ve done your journey a few times, you’ll know exactly how long it takes. You’ll never be late for your Monday morning meeting again. Hurrah.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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