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Getting in shape is tough and working out by yourself is even tougher. Discipline and motivation are key especially when that little voice in your head is urging you to “get the hell out of the gym”.

With summer on it’s way, there’s no time like the present to bite the bullet and hire a personal trainer – let’s face it, that bikini body won’t happen without the work. Once the luxury of the rich and famous, a personal trainer isn’t as pricey as it used to be. If you’re a tad wary of making the commitment, here’s 4 reasons why a personal trainer is a must!

1. Often fear of being judged or simply feeling lost can be a deterrent when contemplating going to the gym. And without anyone to offer a guiding hand to help navigate through the various pieces of fitness equipment, we wouldn’t blame you for avoiding the gym altogether.

The beauty of a personal trainer is that they’ll show you how to use the equipment effectively and safely and will develop a plan that works at your pace. Best of all, they’ll watch while you complete each exercise to ensure you’re employing the correct form.

2. Not a fan of the gym and never will be? Not to worry. Based in Shoreditch and offering bespoke packages and programmes, Personal Trainer specialists Right Path Fitness can work with you at your home, at your local park or at their private personal training studio and cover a wide range of areas in London.

Prefer to blast the fat away with friends? They also offer a full body workout and HIIT training sessions for a maximum of four people, lasting for at least 55 minutes. Yes, it’ll be hard work but look at it this way – with regular appointments booked in the diary with friends, you’ll certainly be less likely to slack off.  Daily fitness classes with other people who wish to train in a group are also available their Shoreditch studio.

3. Knowledge is power, as they say, and there’s no question that one of the main reasons for hiring a personal trainer is of course for their expertise.  Spending hours slogging away on the cross trainer or going jogging every other day without seeing any visible results is a common problem for many of us.

A reputable trainer will save you time and money by ensuring you ditch any ineffective exercises. They’ll recommend up-to-date and effective workouts to enable you to meet your targets and goals as quickly as possible without overdoing it, as well as provide valuable nutritional advice to ensure you adopt healthier eating habits.

Exercise can be a bore, however, a reputable trainer will make certain you won’t get stuck in an exercise rut. From circuit training to cardio and various forms of strength training, he or she will challenge both your body and mind and will be well worth the investment.

Still not sure? Why not book a trial and free consultation with Right Path Fitness. You can meet the team and work on an action plan without making any commitments.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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