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If you’re one of those people that are extra conscious about health and fitness, you’ve probably been following the trends of nutrition products in the market. Among those items, the greens powders you can sprinkle on top of your food or mixed in with plain water, smoothies, or juices are probably hyped up the most.  

With a huge body of evidence supporting them to be just as beneficial as eating the real fruits and veggies they are based on, it’s no wonder why many are using these greens powders as a replacement for a healthy diet. It seems easier and cheaper than preparing a balanced meal to help you hit your fitness goals. 

Even so, it wouldn’t hurt to check whether they are generally good and healthy for you. Read on and explore what these greens powders can do for your fitness journey. 

What Are Greens Powders?

Green powders are plant-based dietary supplements. Typically, they are designed to help you reach the recommended daily intake of vitamins, minerals, and other components of veggies. These green powders are intended to be mixed into water and other liquids. But you can also dredge them on top of breakfast bowls, in desserts, soups, or salad dressings. 

The ingredients of greens powders may vary by brand, but they are usually made from a blend of leafy greens, seaweeds, edible grasses, and other non-green veggies. Because they often have a grassy and bitter taste, natural sugar substitutes are added to improve their flavor. There are also some doses of probiotics that give these greens power for digestion

What Can Greens Powders Do In Your Body? 

Considered as powerhouse supplements, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts use greens powders. But while it’s tempting to instantly add them to your diet, it is better to know what these greens powders can exactly do in your body. This way, you’d also be able to understand how they can support you on your fitness goals. Keep on reading below. 

Boost Energy Levels

Greens powders have green tea extract, which is a natural source of caffeine. Being known to have stimulating effects, caffeine increases alertness and helps reduce the perception of effort. Thus, it may push you to do harder workouts and aid the muscles to burn more calories. 

These greens powders may also deliver energizing nutrients like protein, iron, and omega-3 that will help your system function at its best. That’s why you may have more energy and focus while working out. 

Reduce Inflammation

Heavy squats, high rep pull-ups, and other high-intense workouts at long durations may damage the muscles and tissues in your body. When it does, the body will repair itself by increasing blood flow to the affected area, fueling oxygen to the muscles, and clearing the wastes. 

You may experience fatigue or chronic pain throughout the repair process. But the good thing is, greens powders are packed with anti-inflammatory properties like magnesium and vitamin A. So, they can help reduce soreness and allow your muscles to recover faster during high-intensity training or workout. 

Balance Blood Sugar

When you work out, your body uses sugar, which comes from the blood, liver, and muscles, to generate energy. Typically, a moderate to high-intense exercise may deplete your sugar levels up to 24 hours or more after working out. That’s why you need to check your blood sugar level more often before and after exercise to help you see the benefits of your physical activities. 

Fortunately, green powders may help balance the sugar level in your blood. They can help ensure that it is high enough to avoid hypoglycemia or extremely low sugar level while working out and return to its normal level following exercise. 

Neutralize Acids

More and more acids are getting into your body as you eat more proteins and grains. As a result, you may experience more muscle loss and more fat again, which are not beneficial to your fitness journey. 

A high acid load in your body can also make you easily get tired during an intense exercise. But the chlorophyll in the plant-based ingredients of greens powders can help neutralize acids, increasing alkalinity in your body and contributing to overall health and fitness. 

Improve Digestion

Greens powders contain digestive enzymes and proteins, which might be lacking in your regular diet. They can help your body efficiently break down food and ensure that the nutrients are properly absorbed into the bloodstream. 

It means that you can make wiser choices in your diet and minimize carbs or fats but still get the energy that your body requires. Remember that losing weight is hard to achieve despite constant heavy workouts. But with highly bioavailable nutrients from green powders, you can make it more doable. 

Points To Keep In Mind Before Using Greens Powders

Like other supplements, you must use green powders with caution. Just because they bring a lot of potential health benefits doesn’t mean they are good for everyone. So, to ensure health safety and optimal results, here are some points to keep in mind before using these greens powders

  • Don’t Use Them As Replacements for Real Food: It is important to emphasize that greens powders are not a replacement for whole vegetables and fruits. Although they have a lot of nutrients in them, they are only designed to supplement your diet. It means that they cannot provide the complete nutrition your body needs. 
  • Check The Manufacturer’s Reputation: As supplements, greens powders are not technically regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Though manufacturers of greens powders are still supposed to follow the FDA guidelines, it is not always the case. Thus, make sure to get one from a trusted source or brand that’s certified through a third-party testing laboratory. 
  • Consult Your Health Provider: Greens powders may come with some potential risks. They contain ingredients that may cause harm and serious interactions with prescription drugs. It would be best to consult your health provider before using them in your diet, especially if you have certain medical conditions. 

Taking Greens Powders For Your Fitness Journey

Greens powders can make a big difference in your fitness journey if you know how to use them properly. Nevertheless, you have to remember that they are not magic pills that can make you fit and healthy all of a sudden. No matter how many supplements you take, there is no shortcut to any health and fitness goals. It always comes with a lot of hard work and discipline.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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