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Fashion trends grow, change and regenerate, but the popularity of men’s heritage wear has been around for many years and now, even more men are interested in trying it out than ever before. Essentially, heritage items could be considered to be anything that has been around for some time, but in fashion, it is more specifically concerned with the idea of traditional Britishness – find out more about the rise of this trend and the items that you need below.

How Traditional Britishness Became a Fashion Trend

When you think of old school Britishness, you are transported to a place that is full of flat caps, long boots and wax cotton jackets. This style has often been the choice of the upper echelons of society, including the men from the monarch but today, it has morphed into a trend that many men are keen to try out.

When you consider the popular media offerings we all enjoy, you would think of Peaky Blinders, the Crown or even the men in our modern royal family. Wherever you’ve seen them, these garments are often high quality, durable and perfect for colder months when paired with more modern accents. There are a number of manufacturers in the UK that are considered heritage – with Hainsworth, in particular, a company with over 200 years of history supplying the leading brands.

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The Items Your Wardrobe Needs

If you want to ace the heritage look, then there are a number of items that should be in your wardrobe – take a look and then kit yourself out:

Woollen Overcoats

A coat is a great way to get your new look off the ground and will give you the warmth you need when the weather turns sour. A heritage-look woollen overcoat is best when it is oversized and paired with a colourful or interesting scarf. 

The great thing about a coat like this is that you can wear it into the office over your business suit for a smart work look as well as putting it on over your jeans and jumper when you are heading out for some weekend fun.  Ultimately, taking the time to find the best coat will pay you back in dividends when completing your look. Whether you choose between an overcoat or a trench coat, a custom-tailored one would be a great investment for your wardrobe. Check out these additional tips in choosing your coat from Blank Label, a custom tailor online shop.

Wool Suits

A high-quality suit is a key item for any discerning man’s wardrobe, and the great thing is that the heritage look is perfected with the purchase of a woollen suit! Think about mixing and matching your suit to get a number of looks rather than wearing the entire outfit as one. For example, a woollen suit jacket with a herringbone design would look great teamed with chinos and Chelsea boots. 

In addition to picking out a heritage pattern for your suit purchase, it’s also important to think about the cut too. To get the look just right, opt for a slim-fitting suit and don’t be afraid to wear trainers and a t-shirt with it.

Heritage Headwear

If you are keen to emit Peaky Blinders vibes, then a baker boy or a peak cap is an essential purchase for your new look. As long as you wear your new hat with the right items, you will be the envy of onlookers as you enjoy the great outdoors. 

Getting your look on point is easily done – just remember not to pair it up with excessive amounts of heritage items, or you’ll end up looking more Victorian than Peaky Blinders! Think in terms of modern wear with a heritage twist and keep your look casual for maximum effect.

Heritage Accessories

Heritage wear is not just about long, woollen coats – there is also a range of accessories that you can invest in to get the look perfected. Firstly, leave your wellies at home and put your feet into some Chelsea boots or jodhpur boots made from leather or suede. Both these styles of boots are great for casual, formal and workwear looks and will impress you with the level of comfort you will get as well as the on-trend look.

The other key accessory for your heritage look is a leather satchel – which offers both style and functionality points. Men’s bags have had a hard time over the years, but the satchel or messenger bag remains a firm favourite, especially if you opt for a brown leather version which is perfect for the heritage look and will fit in with you all your plans from work to the gym and a weekend away.

Final Thoughts

The heritage look remains one of the most versatile options for men as there are a wide range of items to choose from and an endless list of ways to wear them. Remember that whilst wool is a key component of heritage looks, there are other materials that you can invest in, too, such as corduroy. Ultimately, the heritage look is now everywhere, meaning that you can enjoy finding pieces that work for you.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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