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Every guy has a body type that may not match the mannequin in the storefront. To find the best-fitting pieces for your figure, you need to know how to flatter it. In this men’s clothing guide, we tell you how to take essentials like a black crew neck t-shirt and navy crew neck and add them to the best pants and jackets. When you’re wearing a combination of fresh men’s basics and traditional pieces to match your body shape, you’ll achieve a classic, polished look. 

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The Main Men’s Body Types 

Every guy is unique, but men’s body types are a simplified way to classify the male figure. It can be helpful to discover your body type if you’re interested in improving your fitness routine or switching up the clothes in your closet. The more you understand different ways to categorize men’s body types, the easier it will be to decide what looks best on you. To help you save money on clothing and gear, check for a north face student discount, as many retailers offer special discounts to students.

One option for classifying male body types is the somatotype theory. Verywell Fit says men fall into one of three categories: ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph. Ectomorphs have a tall, slim build and a lean frame, while endomorphs have a rounder build with a larger waist size and frame. If you have a medium frame with a muscular, athletic build, you’re a mesomorph. 

Another way to group men into a body type is through the shape of their figure. Possible shapes include:

  • Rectangle: The rectangle figure is evenly proportional throughout the waist and hips. Tall, thin men can have this body type. An evenly distributed figure lets you experiment with many men’s clothing styles. 
  • Oval: This body type features narrow shoulders and a slim chest, along with a wider waist and smaller hips. Certain clothing pieces can help you find balance. 
  • Triangle: A men’s triangle body shape features a slim shoulder and chest area with a wider waist than the oval body type. Clothing colors and styles can help to flatter your figure. 
  • Trapezoid: If you’re a trapezoid body shape, you have broad shoulders and a wider chest with a narrow waist. This is another easy figure to dress and it helps set the standard in the fashion industry for men’s clothing. 
  • Inverted Triangle: A man with an inverted triangle body type has a slim waist and broad shoulders. This shape reflects a muscular or athletic build. If you’re worried about a loose look around your abdomen, many kinds of men’s shirts can help to make clothing look attractive and stylish. 

Read through body type classifications, and then decide which one fits you. Once you have an idea of the build you have, you can move on to finding outfits that best match your natural look. It’ll also make it easier to shop for seasonal styles and new men’s basics in the future. 

The Best Men’s Clothing for Each Body Type 

If you think you’re more of an ectomorph, we’ve found that you may fit into the rectangle body type. Endomorphs can see if they classify as oval or triangles, while mesomorphs are likely to be inverted triangles or trapezoids. Decide your shape, and then read through the clothing tips that work for your chosen body type. 


Rectangle body types can have confidence in experimenting with different clothing styles. Wear any bright or neutral color, including shirts with prints. You can also try your hand at seasonal looks, including floral button-downs and vacation-ready tropical patterns. Feel free to be creative but be wary of men’s tops with vertical stripes. These will further accentuate your rectangle shape, which takes away from the appearance of a muscular, athletic build. 

The biggest goal of the rectangular shape is to keep the waist looking slim while broadening the shoulders. Create a sculpted look with narrow suit jacket arms and fitted long-sleeve shirts. Tapered dress pants and pants with pleats add chisel and depth. You’ll also benefit from shirts with extra material like tall tees or ones with detailing at the shoulders. Avoid baggy clothing and straight-leg dress pants, which don’t add shape to your look.  

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Invest in well-fitting clothing to add shape to your look and prevent your clothes from appearing too top-heavy. Start with slim-fit bottoms or tailored dress pants to help balance your look from head to toe. It’s also wise to invest in shirts with wide collars, such as button-down shirts and polo shirts. A 3-pack of polo t-shirts will help you build your new wardrobe. Match them with neutral chino pants or straight-fit denim for a complete look. 

Dark colors and vertical stripe shirts are ways to add more balance to your outfit. A black polo or crew neck tee will look fresh with everything from khaki pants to a pair of slim-fit tech shorts. Pinstripe and herringbone patterns will elongate your shape and help everything look more slimming. Focus on a classic look and the right men’s size for a closet full of clothes that make you feel confident. 


The triangle body type should work to emphasize the shoulder area. Shirts and jackets with a bit of structure on top will help accentuate your upper half. You can achieve the same goal with darker colors. Shades like black and brown will help hide contours and keep everything looking streamlined. Other classic dark colors for tops and bottoms include charcoal grey and navy. 

If you’re into patterns, look for shirts with stripes. The triangle body type is lucky in that they can choose from both vertical and horizontal patterns. Select straight-leg or boot-cut pants and jeans, but avoid skinny bottoms that will make everything look unsupported. Shop for well-fitting clothing and avoid tight-fitting shirts and bold colors, which will take away from your classic look and draw too much attention to certain areas. 


As with the rectangle body type, you won’t have to think too hard to create a stylish outfit. You can wear almost any style of shirts or pants, but some pieces will accentuate your look the most. If you’re shopping for new clothes, try your hand at bold colors or specialty fabrics. Vibrant colors and prints will add uniqueness and confidence to your appearance. Other flattering looks include fitted dress pants and denim. 

Pick up plenty of crew necks and v-necks to show off your chest and shoulders. However, you should pay attention to your sizing. If you’re buying a suit, you should still take it to the tailor. Having a versatile and attractive body type is no excuse to get lazy. A polished look is crucial for every man. 

Inverted Triangle 

Some clothing will not accommodate such broad shoulders. Look for athletic-style shirts and slim-fit shirts that show off your figure and contours. Experiment with sizing to make sure you don’t bust a seam at the sides. Polo shirts and v-neck shirts draw the right amount of attention to the chest, flattering your shoulders and making your clothing look more tailored from head to toe. Straight-leg and boot cut pants perfectly match these traditional, attractive tops. 

Horizontal stripes create an illusion of a broader waist, while double-breasted suit jackets have the right amount of material to keep you looking your best at a wedding or special event. Avoid shoulder pads and shoulders with thicker material that over-accentuate your athletic build, along with tight suit jackets that will make you look squeezed and feel uncomfortable. 

Finding the Right Fashion and Fit 

Whether you’re looking for a refresh or you’re not sure what looks best on you, understanding your body type will help you shop from here on out. From outfits for special occasions to everyday men’s clothing, specific pieces and prints are best for your particular look. Take the time to know yourself and your figure, and you’ll always dress your best. 

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