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Fashion is something that is not mostly associated with men. For a long time, men always go for a simple or a staple style when it comes to their clothing. But in the modern days, fashion styling has become evident to men, especially to young professionals. Gone are the days when men will always be dressed up in smart suits and shirts. Men can now be more creative and stylish than women.

Keeping up with the challenge may be a little tough for men who are not used to styling themselves. But, don’t worry. In this article, we will share with you some of the most effective tips on how you can dress yourself up and be more stylish for all types of occasions. Let’s take a look at our list!

1. Try other shoe styles

Men will often go for the classic Derby or Oxford shoes for formal occasions and sneakers or loafers for casual affairs. However, trying other shoe styles can look appealing to men of all ages. For instance, you can wear Chelsea boots with your formal suits at events as well. Chelsea boots are very convenient because they can also be worn at casual events when paired with jeans. Having a variety of shoe types in your closet is a good strategy to keep yourself looking good at all times.

2. Colored shirts are for men too

Oftentimes, men will prefer to wear black or other dark hues. This trend should stop. Even men can pull off a nice pink or red shirt on any occasion. You can also experiment with nice prints and patterns for your shirts. Wearing something light or flashy can boost your aura and can change your mood. This can also add to your confidence and make you look more positive. In fashion, the color you wear will reflect your attitude for the day. So, choose something bright and colorful sometimes.

3. Flashy labels are past tense

Back in the old days, people were proud to wear shirts with flashy labels printed on them. This fashion trend is a little passe. Instead of wearing these types of shirts, you can go for plain or graphic shirts. That will give you a more attractive appeal and a more stylish look. For instance, you can wear shirts with designs that are inspired by movies or TV shows. It will not only be a good conversation starter but it will also look more aesthetic compared to brand labels.

4. Always keep a jacket or blazer

You will never know when a need to look formal will happen. Thus, keeping a jacket or a blazer handy is recommended. Jackets and blazers can transform casual jeans and shirts into a smart casual outfit. It will not only make you look stylish but you can look more professional in just a snap. The best choice is to go for darker shades of jackets such as black or blue. In that way, it’s complementary to any designs or colors of your shirt.

5. Be sexy with a slim-fit bottom

As in any other type of clothing, the right fit has a huge contribution to how you will look. This is probably the reason why some men will not go for slim-fit jeans or trousers. However, if you are going for a more appealing smart casual attire, wearing slim-fit bottoms can make you look sharp. One of the best things about wearing these types of jeans is that you can wear them with a plain t-shirt or a shirt and suit tandem. Wearing darker shades is also a good choice for a more formal look.

6. Quality fabrics are investments

Aside from picking the perfect design or style for your outfit, it’s also best to consider the fabric. As much as possible, invest in quality fabrics instead of buying cheap knock-offs. It will also add to the longevity of your clothes. Buying cheap fabric will not only be very uncomfortable, but it will also be a huge waste of money. 

7. Avoid over accessorizing

Men don’t need to wear too many accessories unless the occasion demands it. If you are attending a formal event, you don’t need to wear a pair of necklaces and bracelets. One of the advantages of being a man is that a single wristwatch is enough to make you look smart and formal. So, instead of wasting your money buying different types of jewelry or accessories, invest in a really nice watch that will go on all types of looks.

8. Belt and shoes should come in pair

The belts and shoe rule is very simple – wear the same color and material. If you are wearing brown, leather shoes, it’s best to wear brown belts as well. However, it is not necessary to wear the same color. For as long as you are wearing complementary colors, it should work. Black always goes with any type of shoes, but brown doesn’t. It’s best to have multiple types of belts in your closet as well so you will have options for all types of affairs.

9. Your scent is part of the style

Choosing the right perfume is also part of your overall attire. For daytime events, it’s best to choose lighter scents such as floral or citrus. In that way, it will not be overpowered by the heat. For night events, it’s best to choose some sultry fragrances like honey or vanilla. These musky scents will go well if the air is cooler.

Dress neatly and stylishly!

It’s time to look more sharp, stylish, and fashionable! Just always remember that while your outfit should make you look good, it should also make you look comfortable wearing them. Start revamping your entire wardrobe to be always ready to dress for the red carpet. 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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