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Do you ever feel like something is missing in your soul? Like a vital part of your inner self has been hurt or is in hiding?

Many women experience this due to wounded feminine energy. Your feminine essence is a core part of who you are, and when it’s injured, you may feel lost, empty, or disconnected.

The good news is that you have the power to heal your feminine spirit!

It just takes commitment and courage to face any pain or trauma that caused the wounds.

Then you can learn tools and practices to nurture your feminine energy back to fullness.

Ahead we share 15 powerful ways to help you heal and reclaim your sacred inner feminine.

What are the Signs of Wounded Feminine Energy?

Before we dive into how to heal, let’s look at some common signs that your feminine spirit may be wounded:

  • Feeling disconnected from your body, cycles, or sexuality
  • Difficulty receiving pleasure or nurturance
  • Suppressing emotions or losing touch with intuition
  • Loss of creativity, passion, and self-expression
  • Carrying shame, resentment, or anger
  • Judgment of feminine qualities in yourself or others
  • Disconnection from nature and community
  • Downplaying feminine strength, power, or wisdom
  • Accepting toxic relationships
  • Lacking vitality, passion, and joy for life

If you recognize several of these signs within yourself, know that you can restore the missing pieces through dedicated deep healing work.


How To Heal Wounded Feminine Energy

1. Get in touch with your feelings and emotions

As women, our emotions and intuitions are powerful channels for connecting with our feminine core. Yet many of us learn to ignore or suppress our feelings due to societal conditioning or past traumas.

Start the healing process by getting back in touch with your emotions – all of them! Take time each day to check in with yourself.

How are you feeling right now? Sit with any emotions that arise, even difficult ones like anger, grief, or fear. Give them space to be felt and expressed.

This emotional awareness aligns you with the receptive feminine energy and helps release any blocked or stagnant energy.

2. Explore your sexuality in healthy ways

Our sexuality is intricately tied to our feminine essence. However, improper teaching, abusive experiences, or guilt may cause you to feel disconnected from your sexuality.

As part of your healing, explore your sexuality in healthy ways. Notice what thoughts or touch feels pleasurable. Engage in self-pleasuring. Read books about feminine sexuality like Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston.

Tune into your senses, fantasies, and desires and allow yourself to feel fully alive in your body. Owning your sexuality restores a vibrant part of your feminine spirit.

3. Spend time in nature and with women

In nature and female company, you’ll automatically feel more relaxed in your feminine energy. Make spending time outdoors and with other women a priority.

Go for long walks in nature. Sit under a tree. Lay on the grass and gaze at the sky. Join a women’s group or class.

Have heart-to-heart talks with your girlfriends. Feel free to let down your guard and be in your natural feminine state.

how to heal your wounded feminine energy

4. Move your body in feminine ways

Our physiology and energy are intrinsically feminine or masculine. Certain movements and physical activities align you with receptive, fluid feminine energy.

Try dance, yoga, tai chi, and circular or undulating motions. Walk slowly and gracefully, swaying your hips. Stretch frequently and massage your body.

Cuddle up to something soft. These types of motions mirror and activate your innate feminine energy.

5. Get in the water

Water is a wonderful element for healing feminine wounds. The ocean, a lake, river, or bath – being immersed in water has restorative effects.

Let the water wash away pain or energetic residues you’ve been holding. Feel it smoothing out your rough edges and dissolving tension. Float effortlessly and surrender to the support it provides.

Emerse yourself in water as often as possible to benefit from its feminine healing properties.

6. Express yourself creatively

The feminine principle is closely linked with creativity and self-expression. Ignoring or stifling your creative drive damages your relationship with your inner feminine.

Make creative activities part of your healing journey. Craft, paint, dance, write in your journal, sing – whatever forms of self-expression resonate with you.

Don’t judge the results. The goal is simply to reawaken and release your creative feminine energy.

7. Practice receptivity and self-care

A common imbalance many women have is being overly focused on giving to others and neglecting self-care. Make receiving, relaxing and nurturing yourself a top priority for a while.

Give yourself permission to rest. Try feminine relaxation techniques like breathwork, meditation, or sipping tea mindfully.

Receive pleasure through massage, aromatic baths, or listening to music. Get plenty of sleep. This receptivity allows your feminine aspects to replenish.

8. Forgive yourself and others

Carrying hurt or anger from past betrayals or trauma blocks your feminine spirit from fully thriving. Make forgiveness part of your healing work.

Start by forgiving yourself for any self-blame or ways you’ve rejected your needs.

Then, work on forgiving others who may have hurt or oppressed your feminine nature, like family, partners, or society.

This doesn’t mean condoning their actions – just releasing the anger so you can move forward.

9. Channel positivity through affirmations

Our thoughts and words hold power, so use them to uplift your feminine energy! Repeat affirmations that resonate with your true nature.

Some examples: “I love and accept myself fully,” “My sexuality is sacred,” “I am open and receptive,” “I am a wise, intuitive woman.”

Put them on post-its, make vision boards, or record yourself speaking the affirmations aloud. Let the positive messages sink into your consciousness.

10. Visualize your healed feminine self

Through visualization meditations, you can connect with your inner feminine in her fully healed and actualized state.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Imagine you are greeting your feminine essence – as a child, wise woman, goddess, or any representation that appeals to you. See her healthy, vibrant, and free. Feel the beauty of your healed connection.

Make this a regular practice to energetically align yourself with wholeness.

11. Seek feminine role models

Look to other women who embody feminine qualities you want to cultivate within yourself. They could be writers, artists, historical figures, goddesses from myth, or women in your own life.

Study their stories and characteristics. What do you admire about them? Reflect on how you can bring more of their energy into your life. You may even visualize them as mentors or guides for your journey.

12. Honor the phases of your menstrual cycle

Menstruation is an important and sacred feminine process. Yet many women feel disconnected from their cycles or even view it negatively.

As part of your healing, start tuning into the different phases of your menstrual cycle and how you feel during each one.

Honor any emotions or changes that arise. Tend to your body’s needs during your period or premenstrual time. Cherish it as a gift that connects you with the rhythm of life.


13. Join or create a women’s circle

There’s tremendous power when women come together. Joining or creating a women’s circle or gathering provides community, sisterhood, and support for your feminine healing process.

You may host regular goddess circles, women’s sharing groups, red tent gatherings, seasonal rituals, and more. Share your journeys, discuss womanhood, and participate in ceremonial practices. Bask in the shared feminine energy.

14. Explore divine feminine archetypes

Goddess archetypes from various cultures offer empowering models of feminine qualities like strength, wisdom, fertility, creation, etc.

Research goddesses that intrigue you. Study their attributes, stories, and symbols. Reflect on how their energies may awaken aspects of your own sacred feminine.

Working with feminine archetypes through visualization, altars, or storytelling ignites and celebrates your divine feminine self.

15. Connect with Mother Earth

Spending time in nature helps you remember you are part of the Earth’s cycles. Get your hands in soil, sit against a nurturing tree, lay your body on the living Earth.

Sending your awareness into the land beneath you, feeling the stability and support. Know that you, plants, animals, and all life arise from this planetary womb that birth us all. Feel the Mother Earth energies uplifting your spirit.

The Journey of Healing is Lifelong but Leads to Wholeness

Healing your wounded feminine energy can feel like a long, difficult journey at times.

The emotional wounds and pain run deep, affecting your sense of self, everyday life, and relationships.

But with awareness, tools, community, and commitment to your own healing process, you can transform your struggles into a profoundly meaningful experience for your womanhood.

This sacred cycle of descent into pain and ascent into wholeness allows you to stop seeking external validation, uncover deeper wounds crying out for your attention, and establish strong boundaries and healthier relationships.

Your resulting state of balance between feminine and masculine energy and connection to your inner wisdom creates a solid foundation for living fully and radiantly.

While the healing experience lasts a lifetime, be proud of each step forward.

Know that your courage and perseverance serves not just yourself but uplifts the collective feminine consciousness.

Together, we heal the ancestral wounds passed down through generations of women.

May all beings know the beauty and fullness of their sacred feminine essence!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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