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A winter capsule needs a few essential pieces to round out your style for the coming months.

Staying warm is often the highlight of winter fashion, and faux fur is becoming popular. So, from matching it with pieces to proper care, here are a few things you need to know about.

Faux Fur Goes with Anything

It is cold outside during winter, and this means wrapping up warm. But this is only sometimes practical or fashionable. The great thing about imitation furs is that they go with anything.

From the cuffs of your gloves to a full-sized coat, you can stay warm and look great.

You can slip on a polo shirt for women under a fur coat as you head out to a lazy winter weekend brunch. Or even go with the full head-to-toe faux fur style, from your hat to the jacket, and finish with your boots.

It’s Better for the Animal World

Of course, fur is often associated with animal cruelty, even with some of the most responsible manufacturers.

This means it is hard to find real fur, but why would you want it anyway, knowing an animal has been needlessly harmed?

Imitation fur is made from synthetic fibers, and this sometimes means low quality. False fur garments are often made to imitate the real fur as much as possible, often being hard to tell the difference, making the case for using false fur,

You Want Durable Clothing for a Winter Capsule

Perhaps you have real fur garments, and many people do. However, if you do have real fur, you will be aware that it is very hard to look after well.

Most clothing garments, with a few exceptions, can be put in the washing machine and can go for between 50 and 100 washes before degrading.

However, real fur needs professional care for its entire life and is often very expensive. False fur garments are easier to care for and will last for over 20 years before fading.

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Not Much Care is Required

Animal fur fades quickly and needs constant care to keep its colors and texture. This adds to the already high costs and is often a waste of money.

Cleaning also runs the risk of shedding the fur when it’s real, and you even need to store the fur properly.

However, none of these are essential with false fur products as the synthetic fibers are much stronger. You can store imitation fur alongside your other winter garments within your standard winter items, such as jackets.

Faux Fur is Trending Across Fashion

As the fashion industry moves away from real fur products, light is being shined on the appeal of false fur. This helps highlight false fur as a great solution to replacing real fur and minimizing harm to animals.

Because of this, it isn’t uncommon to see false fur products such as gloves, hats, and jackets during winter.

This also means there are many more options available and a wider range of colors and textures to keep you fashion-focused while staying sustainable.

In a nutshell

Because it goes with anything, faux fur is an essential part of a winter capsule. It is also much more durable than real fur and is replacing it as a trending sustainable fashion accessory.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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