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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get all dressed up and feel your most glamorous.

Whether you’ve got a hot date planned or are just looking to treat yourself, figuring out what to wear on Valentine’s Day can be tricky.

You want an outfit that’s fun and sexy without going overboard.

The key is picking pieces that you feel amazing in.

And don’t forget the finishing touches like lingerie, red lipstick, or a spritz of perfume.

For some great Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, our ultimate guide below covers everything you need to know to look your absolute best.

We go over the dress code for Valentine’s Day and its different meanings, what to wear depending on the type of date you’ve got planned and all the dos and don’ts you need to know before choosing your outfit.

Valentine’s Day Dress Code Color Guide and Meanings

Ok first let’s tackle the dress code for Valentine’s Day.

Some people follow a dress code on Valentine’s Day to convey their relationship status or intentions.

Each color represents a specific meaning which communicates your relationship status without explicitly stating it.

Here is a breakdown of the Valentine’s Day dress code colors and their meanings:

Red Color – I’m in Love: Red symbolizes love and romance. Wearing red on Valentine’s Day indicates that the person is already in love, and their feelings are reciprocated.

Yellow Color – Broke Up: Choosing yellow on Valentine’s Day signifies that the person has recently gone through a breakup. It’s a color that conveys hope, suggesting that someone new might come into their life.

White Color – Denial of Love Proposal: White represents purity and innocence. If someone wears white on Valentine’s Day, it means they are denying a love proposal. It indicates that they hope the proposer understands their reasons for rejection.

Orange Color – About to Propose: Orange is an exciting color to wear at a Valentine’s Day party. It signifies that the wearer is planning to propose to someone special.

Pink Color – Proposal Accepted: Pink symbolizes love, affection, and tenderness. Wearing pink on Valentine’s Day indicates that the person has accepted a love proposal.

Black Color – Rejection of Proposal: Black represents rejection. If someone wears black on Valentine’s Day, it typically means they are rejecting a marriage proposal.

Blue Color – Already Engaged: Blue is a color often associated with loyalty and commitment. If someone wears blue on Valentine’s Day, it suggests that they are already engaged or married and not available for any new proposals.

Green Color – Waiting for Someone Special: Green symbolizes hope and new beginnings. Wearing green on Valentine’s Day indicates that the person is waiting for someone special in their life.

Valentine’s Represents a broken heart: Wearing brown can indicate that your heart was recently broken.

What To Wear For A Romantic Date Night On Valentines Day

Right, now on to what to wear….

If your partner is whisking you away for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner or evening out, you’ll want an elevated dress code that sets the mood.

Here are some ideas for a dressy yet romantic Valentine’s Day look:

Romantic Dinner Outfit Ideas

Cocktail Dress – This wardrobe staple takes on a romantic vibe in red, pink or with lace details. A beautiful cocktail dress is the perfect option for a romantic evening.

Wrap dress – Feminine wrap styles cinch the waist and come in festive pinks, reds or prints

Off-the-shoulder dress – Flash just a hint of skin in this sultry silhouette with the shoulders and decolletage exposed

Bodycon dress – A form-fitting bodycon dress oozes sophistication and confidence

Finish off your look with sparkly jewelry, strappy heels or stilettos, and a clutch. A pop of red lipstick adds a perfect romantic touch.

What To Wear For A Formal Date On Valentine’s Day

If the dress code is formal or black tie, that means it’s time to bring out the big guns – an evening gown. Full-length evening gowns are the pinnacle of romance and femininity.

Some stunning evening gown ideas for Valentine’s Day include:

Ball gown – Feel like Cinderella in a dress with a full ball skirt – it’s perfect for dramatic twirling on the dance floor!

Mermaid gown – This style hugs your curves before flaring out at the knees in a mermaid silhouette. Sultry and glamorous!

Off-the-shoulder gown – Bare your shoulders and collarbone in a swoon-worthy off-the-shoulder evening gown.

High slit gown – Go for high drama with a gown featuring a slit up the leg. Be sure to find shapewear that won’t show!

Lace gown – Intricate lace overlay adds a major wow factor. Keep accessories minimal to let the lace be the star.

Backless gown – A low open back bares some skin while still keeping it elegant. Just be sure to wear the right undergarments.

Complete your black tie ensemble with elbow-length gloves, dazzling statement earrings, and your hair swept up. Strappy stilettos are a must. Your partner won’t be able to take their eyes off you!

What To Wear For A Casual Date On Valentine’s Day

If your ideal Valentine’s Day is cuddling up for a movie marathon, you’ll want an outfit that’s comfy yet cute. Go for casual pieces in festive pink, red, or prints:

Sweatshirt + jeans – An oversized graphic sweatshirt paired with skinny jeans or leggings is cozy and fun. Add some slip-on sneakers.

Sweater + leggings – A soft, oversized sweater worn with black leggings or jeans is effortless. Finish with booties.

Joggers + tee – Elevate your everyday loungewear by opting for silk joggers and a lace-trimmed tee.

Hoodie + shorts – A cropped hoodie with high-waisted shorts or bike shorts is sporty-chic. Add some slippers or chunky sneakers.

Romper – A relaxed short sleeve romper feels like pajamas but still looks put-together.

Keep some fuzzy socks, a soft cardigan, and blankets on hand to get extra comfy.

What To Wear For An Anti-Valentine’s Day Galentine’s Date

Having an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration with your best girlfriends?

Whether it’s Galentine’s brunch or a girls night out, you can subtly nod to the holiday with these cute ensembles:

Pink sweater + jeans – Don a cotton candy pink sweater with white jeans for a playful look. Finish with pink sneakers or heels.

Red dress + denim jacket – A casual red skater dress paired with a classic denim jacket is fun and flirty.

Heart print top + jeans – Wear your heart on your sleeve (literally) by rocking a graphic heart print tee or blouse. Ground it with black jeans or leggings.

Plaid mini skirt + boots – Feel flirty in a pink plaid mini skirt worn with over-the-knee boots and a basic white tee.

All black + red lip – Channel Galentine’s goth vibes in head-to-toe black and a bold red lip.

However you style it, focus on pieces that are cute yet comfy to party with your besties in. Add Valentine’s Day-themed accessories like heart jewelry or hair clips for a festive touch.

Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie Outfits

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is slipping into something a little more sexy and special after the date is over.

Even if you’re staying in, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to break out that lingerie set you’ve been waiting for the right occasion to wear!

When shopping for seductive lingerie outfits, it’s all about choosing pieces that make you feel confident, beautiful, and romantic. Here are some sizzling Valentine’s Day lingerie ideas to inspire you:


Teddies are a sexy one-piece lingerie outfit that combine sheer fabric with lace trim for a major bombshell look. From satin teddies to open-cup teddies, this style is ultra-femme and flattering.


Short and sweet babydoll lingerie sets feature a sheer top with a loose, flowy skirt. Often trimmed in lace or bows, the babydoll is a playful choice for V-Day.

Corset + Garters

Channel your inner burlesque dancer by donning a structured corset with matching garters attached to sheer stockings. Finish with stilettos for a pin-up girl look.

Slip Dress

While not technically lingerie, a silky slip dress captures that boudoir vibe. Opt for a deep V-neck, spaghetti straps, or lace trim for added romance.

Whatever lingerie outfit you choose, it’s sure to make sparks fly once that Valentine’s Day date night comes to a close. Just be sure to find pieces that you genuinely feel sexy and confident rocking.

Valentine’s Day Dress Code Do’s and Dont’s

Do: Opt for red, pink, or purple

These colors instantly evoke the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day. You really can’t go wrong wearing something in a pretty shade of red, pink or purple on February 14th. A bold red dress is a classic choice, or you can pick a feminine blush pink frock. Rich jewel tones like amethyst, plum and magenta are also very V-Day appropriate.

Don’t: Wear all black

While black is slimming, it can come off as too somber or serious for a lighthearted holiday like Valentine’s Day. Don’t wear all black for a romantic date night. Save the little black dress for another occasion.

Do: Choose a dress with a flirty, feminine silhouette

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to embrace ultra-feminine styles like fit-and-flare dresses, skater dresses and wrap dresses. Anything figure-hugging yet flowy can strike the right romantic note.

Don’t: Pick something too revealing

You want an alluring look that flatters your figure, but avoid outfits that are overly sexy or revealing. Super short hemlines, plunging necklines and sheer fabrics can come off as tacky if you take them too far. Save those looks for a hotter setting like a nightclub.

Do: Add some sparkle

A little (or a lot!) of sparkle instantly dresses up an outfit and makes it perfect for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Look for dresses or accessories adorned with sequins, crystals, glitter, rhinestones or metallic accents. A sequined skirt or beaded top adds glam in a subtle way.

Don’t: Overdo it on the glitter

While some sparkle is festive, going overboard can look costume-y. Too much glitter across your entire outfit can seem like you’re trying too hard. Pick one or two glittery accent pieces instead of covering yourself head to toe.

Do: Wear red or pink lipstick

Red or pink lipstick is a quick way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. It’s also very glamorous and elegant. Opt for a matte red lip for a retro pin-up vibe or a shimmery pink pout for a more youthful look. This is the one day a year when a bold red lip is practically a must!

Don’t: Wear a big puffy coat

Oversized puffer coats and parkas will hide your cute outfit. Opt for something more fitted and feminine in a Valentine’s Day color like blush pink or red. A trench coat is a classic choice for date night.

Do: Carry a fun novelty clutch

A small novelty handbag shaped like a heart, lips or even a cute animal gives off a playful vibe perfect for Valentine’s Day. Just be sure it’s still stylish and goes with the rest of your look.

Don’t: Bring a big everyday tote bag

Skip the large tote bags and backpacks for V-Day. A big casual bag doesn’t quite match the romantic spirit. Keep your bag small, feminine and festive. A beaded clutch or sequined wristlet is ideal.

Do: Add some sweet perfume

Set the mood with a few spritzes of a youthful, flirty perfume in keeping with the lighthearted spirit of the holiday. Florals, fruits and gourmands are ideal. Think notes like peach, berries, honeysuckle, rose and vanilla.

Don’t: Go perfume-free

Scent is powerfully tied to memory and emotion. Wearing a pretty perfume can make the night even more romantic and memorable for you and your date. Skip the perfumes that are too musky, spicy or mature. Keep it light!

Do: Get a manicure

Treat yourself to a manicure in a fun Valentine’s Day hue like cherry red, pink, or even metallic rose gold. Well-groomed nails make you feel instantly put together. Schedule your manicure a few days prior so your nails are chip-free.

Don’t: Wear something you’ll end up feeling self-conscious in all night

While some risk-taking can be fun, don’t wear something so out of your norm that you end up tugging at it and feeling insecure all night. You want an outfit that you know deep down makes you feel amazing, even if it’s bolder than your everyday style.

Valentine’s Day Dress Code FAQs

Figuring out what dress code is appropriate for your Valentine’s Day plans can be tricky. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What do I wear for a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day?

For a nicer restaurant, cocktail attire is perfect. That means donning a chic dress, heels, and polished accessories. A wrap dress, skater dress, or jumpsuit would all work beautifully.

Can I wear jeans on a Valentine’s Day date?

Jeans can absolutely work for more casual V-Day plans like a movie date or low-key dinner. Opt for dark wash skinny jeans paired with heels and a silky cami or blouse. Add a moto jacket or blazer to dress them up.

What if my partner doesn’t tell me the dress code?

If your partner is being mysterious about Valentine’s Day plans, it’s smart to have an outfit that can be dressed up or down. A wrap dress and heels with a clutch is a safe choice. Add a fancy coat and jewelry for a formal dinner or wear it more casually with booties and a denim jacket.

Is red too obvious for Valentine’s Day?

Not at all! Red is a classic, festive choice. Just be sure to pick a red that flatters your skin tone. Go for a deep oxblood, cherry red, or blue-based red. And feel free to accessorize with red shoes, a bold lip colour, and jewelry.

Can I wear white after Valentine’s Day?

Yes, white is fair game post-Valentine’s Day. But on February 14th itself, red and pink tend to rule. Save that crisp white dress for a date the following weekend.

What if I’m going on an active date?

No need to wear anything too fancy for an active date like ice skating or a romantic hike. Opt for figure-flattering athleisure like leggings, jeans, or joggers with sneakers, boots, or flats. Add a feminine sweater or moto jacket on to

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