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The modelling industry is highly competitive, and even more so with reality programmes promising to make young girls famous models, what qualities do you think an aspiring model needs to make it today?

I personally think sheer determination is the main key to a successful modelling career. There are so many beautiful people out there so you have to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. Also being able to take the knock backs on the chin and keep pressing on, not letting it affect your ambition- not every one can deal with it. Obviously clear skin and a pretty face with height for catwalk. It’s all about how the light “falls” on the face.

We receive emails on a regular basis from males and females who aren’t with an agency and have a hard time finding an agency that will sign them up. What do you look for before you take on a new face?

We look for sparkle behind the eyes, someone that engages with the camera. We would be happy to view pictures for consideration.

Most if not all of the supermodels claim they were discovered, do you find most of your models or do the majority approach you?

It’s probably 50/50. If I come across a beautiful person in the street or on the dance floor I will always pop them a card.

What would say is the most difficult and the most exciting aspect of running Universal?

Well, the most difficult was keeping on top of all the admin and paperwork but that’s all changed post new web site www.universalmodels.tv. Working on location still gives me the same buzz as my first ever photoshoot. It’s always fantastic to have a creative input as its so satisfying to see the end results. We are in the process of producing our first calendar and will complete the final shoot in Portugal during August. The calendar will be available to buy through the website but complementary copies go to our clients.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Probably from my boyfriend, as after my first year in business I was ready to throw in the towel, everything was against me and the work was not coming in. He persuaded me to stick at it and here I am now! Just going in to our third year and going from strength to strength.

For more info visit www.universalmodels.tv or send an email to enquiries@universalmodels.tv

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