I’m not a plastic bag!

The hype behind this simple yet creative eco-friendly creation from Anya Hindmarch is incredible and be warned demand is high! The “I’m not a plastic bag goes on sale today and if you’re looking to get your paws on this re-useable shopping bag which retails at £5 each then get down to your nearest Anya Hindmarch store quick time, or visit wearewhatwedo.

Now personally I love this bag and I adore Hindmarch even more for designing it, but I do wonder if like every other “must have everyone is dying to get one because of hype rather than the genius of the design. Its been promoted endlessly with reports of Lily Cole, Erin O’Conner and Keira Knightley seen bag in hand and the sceptical side of me wonders if they forked out their fiver, or if they received the bag as a gift. Either way as a result of the celebrity endorsement the bags were going for £200 on ebay. Madness! While it is a cute alternative to the plastic bag, there are and have been loads of stylish eco-friendly bags on the market for a while now so what makes this one better than the rest?

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