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Making a ‘fashion statement’ has reached new and inspiring heights. I’m not talking about Britney Spears exhibiting her inner feelings and darkest secrets across her chest and on her trucker caps, I’m referring to the new fashion craze where style has taken on a political and charitable front. In the past celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Sharon Osborne have produced personalised t-shirt designs for Dorothy Perkins in support of Breast cancer care, more recently endorsements from the likes of Angelina Jolie and Stella McCartney have heightened eco-awareness and the development of fair-trade organic clothing has boosted public consciousness.

And now high street and online clothing stores like Topshop and ASOS have jumped on the bandwagon with collections of tees with not so subtle political undertones. Vibrant colours and bold prints help to convey statements such as ‘Choose a Smile Not a Missile’, ‘Drop Beats Not Bombs‘, £20 and ‘Make Love Not War’. They’re available in as many different colours as there are issues in the world!

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