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It’s official. Conde Nast will not be left behind. Taking interactive shopping to new heights the publisher has launched, an entertainment site which makes it even easier to track down that must have item with a feature called “shop the ads.

The way it works is like this. Users not only get to view images of all those beautiful advertisements that pay the salaries of many Vogue staffers, and not only do they get to watch amazing video adverts but they have the chance to locate their nearest store which stocks a favourite item featured in the ads by just clicking the image of the product.

The site also contains a selection of original programmes such as 60 seconds to chic which gives quick beauty tips on how to achieve a particular look and behind the lens which goes behind the scenes at fashion and video shoots. Again all products featured in the videos can be purchased or located.

Unfortunately Conde Nast couldn’t resist fashions unreasonable love for flash. The whole site has been created completely in flash making it that much longer for the site to load and that much harder if you love to surf the net on your phone. Nevertheless it’s obvious that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

Hold on to your seats guys. The site is both a consumer’s heaven and hell. Heaven if you love to window shop, hell if you love to spend.

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