Project Runway Season 4: Episode 5 Rundown

project_runway_episode5.jpgThis week’s show was all about the unexpected. The challenge itself was interesting! Each designer had to revamp old garments for everyday women who’d lost a lot of weight. A great task, considering it’s easier to make clothes look good on a walking mannequin….but when you have an average woman with curves on your hands, a more thoughtful approach is required.

In what was a shocking twist to yesterday’s episode, Jack removed himself from the competition due to health issues and ex contestant Chris March (who was kicked off last week) was given a second chance. An ill-judged decision in my opinion and after seeing Chris’s ridiculous ensemble , think Superman meets Olive Oyl , it was also an undeserving one!

Stephen who’s hung on by a thread over the past weeks was finally axed which was hardly surprising. Granted, he had the toughest material to work with , a sequin and bead-drenched, polyester wedding gown – but does anyone else think that there was SO much more he could have done with it?!

There was just no excuse for the depressing, pilgrim-inspired monstrosity he created from (what probably was) his client’s most beloved and symbolic possessions.

And the winner was? Christian. I loved the ultra-chic and tailored outfit he was able to put together in spite of all of his clients’ constraints i.e. no skirts, short sleeves, colour…. He has a solid shot to go all the way, as long as he continues to refine his sometimes over-the-top designs.

Picks to make it to fashion week:

Rami, Kit, Christian

Next to be cut:

Toss up between Chris and Elisa

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