Key Items for AW08: Bowler Hat

Ever since spying one of the new Topshop ‘on the buses’ ads, I am suddenly harbouring an irrepressible urge to buy a bowler hat. They’ve been creeping in for a while of course, a quaint and charming replacement for the over-exposed trilby or ubiquitous headband, but I’ve always admired them in a vaguely detached “yeah-they-look-quite-good-on-Clemence-Poesy” kind of way rather than as a viable style choice for my own particular head.

Thinking about it now, though, and I’d quite like to get myself a dash of ‘Mr Benn’-esque charm. I do love a hat, and really bowler hats could be the perfect transitional headwear to get through that tricky seasonal change when you still can’t wear your favourite wooly hat.

Topshop, of course, have a lovely black number that will look rather bonny with old printed dresses, patterns tights, clunky heels and an aura of Sonia Rykiel inspired delight. And, of course, it gives my something to tip in the street. £20 available at Topshop

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