Transitional Styling: DKNY Knit Offers Flexibility


Come two months and the wintry, get-a-hot chocolate, and snug up to a fire effect of next season will be knocking. Gladly, winter fashion is quite unambiguous: dress warm to brave the elements. However, navigating between the cooler weather at the end of summer leading up to autumn can be tricky.

The tumultuous, topsy-turvy weather that marks this transition sparks debate over whether to layer up (and risk burning over) or remain in sync to the whimsical trends that define summer.

The solution? Light knitwear. In contrast to the oversized, woolly knits of AW07, light knitwear has emerged as respite for those in a fashion limbo.

This DKNY boat neck sweater strikes a perfect chord between summer and autumn fashion. The knit isn’t cumbersome and allows ample breathing room for your body’s fluctuating thermostat during this seasonal transition.

It’s never too late to start gearing up for those livid mornings of frantically searching for what to wear amid seasons! $192.50 DKNY long sleeve boat neck sweater available at ShopBop.


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