Tisserand Organic Tea-Tree and Mandarin Lip Butter

I’ve decided I’m going to lobby Trading Standards. I want them to make it compulsory for cosmetic companies to put nutritional information on lip balms. I consume enough of the stuff, I really should know how many calories are in it. Infact, maybe that’s where my new year diet is going wrong.

Anyway for all of you, who like me, have a penchant for topping up lip balm about twice an hour, only to lick it off again, take my advice. There can’t be many more lip balms as edible as this one.

Butter really is the right word for this Tisserand lip soother. It so rich and thick that it melts like chocolate on your fingertips. And just like the sacred stuff, it’s smooth and silky too. Not to mention the tangy mandarin smell.

But if you’re after something to look after weather beaten lips this probably isn’t the right product. It’s oily texture means it doesn’t seem to hang around on the lips for that long.

What Tisserand is absolutely perfect for however, is for use as a lip gloss. The slight sheen it gives to lips is understated but perfect for a quick fix face enhancer. Apply it on its own or over lipstick, for a polished finish.

That is, if you can resist licking it straight off. £4.11 available at amazon.co.uk

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