Steep VS Cheap: Cage me up!

We’ve all debated thoroughly over the Yves Saint Laurent caged heel. Fashion faux pa? Or fashion forward? If you somewhat like the style yet the shoe is not for you why not try the skirt? That’s right Jean Paul Gaultier has carefully adopted the caged up style and transformed it into a super sexy pencil skirt, (available at e-luxury). The corset waist enhances every woman’s curves, and evokes the feminine figure. Yet if you just can’t manage to afford the $1395 $837 price tag, then do not fear, trusty Topshop have come up with an affordable alternative. At $90 a mere snippet of the price, the open cage skirt is perfect to layer with a variety of dresses and skirts. Available now at, it may not be as classic as the Gaultier, yet it’s open for interpretation, allowing you to experiment and style in your own unique way. Unleash your inner cage fighter!

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