Domenico Dolce: “I am a fashion priest”

Fashion designers have long proclaimed outrageous statements about themselves, but the latest one from Domenico Dolce has to be the most egotistical of them all.

Currently touring China with Stefano Gabbana, the pair stopped off at China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing to lecture fashion students on their coveted fashionable knowledge – where one Domenico proclaimed to onlookers he was a ‘fashion priest.’

“Look at me, I am a fashion priest—no boyfriend, no husband, no family, only fashion,” says Domenico.

But before you feel sorry for the man behind half of international fashion label Dolce and Gabbana, just remember his lonely status has been replaced by plenty of money, respect and the fashion world at his fingertips – tough life, eh?

During the extensive Q&A at the Chinese school, the designer-duo explained how they declined invitations to design collections for H&M on three occasions, as they prefer to limit their partnerships to more high-profile candidates such as Scarlett Johansson and Madonna, reports Elle UK – oh lar -dee -dar!

The pair also managed to complement and insult Chinese designers at the same time when it came to their work ethic…

“Some Europeans look at things that come from this country as being lower quality. But we see eccentricity,’” said Dolce.

If only we could have been a fly on that wall.

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