John Galliano’s successor won’t be named until autumn

It looks as though the wait still isn’t over as reports begin to circle LVMH aren’t willing to name John Galliano’s replacement at Dior until Fall this year – yes we know, we’re growing rather impatient too!

Even though Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci is still in pole position to take the coveted scoop, the company is still holding off the official announcement for two major reasons – firstly, Galliano still hasn’t been formally fired from Dior and most importantly, LVMH don’t want the flurry of the announcement to overshadow the season ahead.

After all, Dior associates are bound to be skeptical over the future of the brand as a result of recent events – but needless to say Dior is a huge label and will continue to remain as such in the fashion world.

But now we leave you with something to ponder over, according to Fashionista rumors from the House of Dior suggest Galliano’s downfall was partially set-up – do with that information as you please.

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