Lady Gaga gets upstaged by the evil Snow White Queen

It’s not very often Lady Gaga gets upstaged by another in the wardrobe department – in fact, we don’t think that has ever happened – but it seems the evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White packs a bigger punch in the statement style stakes than she does.

The 25-year-old singer stopped by the Walt Disney Magic Kingdom in Florida over the weekend after she finished her sell-out show in Orlando, and managed to find time to pose with one of Disney’s most wicked cartoon characters, reports the Daily Mail – the pair even had matching poisen apples.

Dressed in her full costume, the wicked Queen made Gaga look surprisingly ordinary in her spiked sunglasses and laced booties (and yes, we’re struggling to make sense of that, too).

We guess no one can upstage the magic of Disneyland, eh?

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