Karl Lagerfeld likes Kate Middleton’s nose

More recently than not, Kate Middleton has received a continuous flow of praise and compliments from admirers the world over – but somehow, we don’t think she’d be expecting to hear Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld‘s latest comment.

“She is a lovely person with a beautiful body. I like her nose,” he says. “Royalty is good for the crowd.”

It’s an odd choice, but we’re willing to roll with it!

The designer legend has also confirmed he too will be watching the Royal wedding next Friday – however, he still remains a pessimist when it comes to true love, reports Vogue UK.

“Marriage was invented when people died at 30,” says Lagerfeld. “Now they marry at 30 and have to do it for 60 years. Perhaps it should be based on more than sex. The idea that you will never look at anyone else, that is a problem.”

Oh Karl, you smooth talker you.

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