Check out some of the tackiest Royal wedding memorabilia out there

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When it comes to the royal family, us British love nothing more than a good old china mug adorning our Queen’s face, but quite frankly, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s up and coming wedding has prevoked some rather unusual, and dare we say it, tacky memorabilia – we don’t remember Charles and Diana’s wedding being so merchandise crazy, do you?

Practically every little business out there is cashing in on this royal money making window one way or another, from the cute to the practical and the down right outrageous – yep you name it, and someone out there has probably already thought of it.

But the tackiest lot of them all has to be a Will’s and Kate Papa John’s pizza, a box of royal wedding cereal, creepy printed Will and Kate bed covers, Pez dispensers (yes you read that right), and, probably the worst by a long shot, royal wedding condoms, reports the Cut – one does not approve!

To check out these weird and oddly wonderful inventions, see our gallery below for highlights (or click here).

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