Haider Ackermann talks about sleeping on the streets, and John Galliano’s ‘sarcastic’ sense of humour

In a recent Q & A with WWD, designer Haider Ackermann talks about his time living on the streets, interning for John Galliano, and what he really thinks of Victoria Beckham’s fashion crudentials.

After attending Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp for three years, Ackermann never graduated, but that didn’t stop his striving nature to work in the fashion industry, and soon found himself interning for the legendary John Galliano – even if it did mean sleeping rough.

“It was the best study ever. You know, at the time, I had no money, nowhere to stay, so I was sleeping on the street and going every day to work,” recalls Ackermann.

But he does recall Galliano’s unusual sense of humour, even if he does feel uncomfortable mentioning the designer’s name given the current circumstances.

“I remember a sense of humor…I cannot talk about it though, because it was so sarcastic and it’s bad to talk about this now,” said Ackermann.

“Due to all the respect I have for Mr. Galliano, I prefer not to mention his name. It’s not healthy to talk about a company who suffers and a designer who suffers.”

That’s fair enough. But according to rumours, Ackermann has turned down nine previous contract offers in the past, but won’t say with what houses or labels. Naturally.

Nor would he discuss the recent rumours that he, himself, is moving to Dior to take over.

“Let the rumors talk. But I would, at a certain point, accept a house which might fit me and which I would feel comfortable with – but there are not many.”

But hey, at least he loves our own home grown style queen, Victoria Beckham, after describing her collections as “chapeau,” reports Fashionista.

That’s “fantastic” to you and I.

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