Diamond cocktail rings are forever!

We can’t go as far as saying that diamonds are our best friend….but they definitely are a love of ours. It’s so stereotypical we know…but a diamond necklace or ring for that matter will do a good job of cheering us up on ANY day.

Finding a great site that sells beautiful diamonds for us to lust after…comes a close second. If we can’t have it, then window shopping will have to do. We’ve been known to spend our lunch hour scouring all the gorgeous beauties over at seventy seven diamonds. From their delicate diamond necklaces to their exquisite diamond earrings.

But for the ultimate in lusting after “retail therapy”, our item of choice has to be their diamond cocktail rings!

And for all brides to be they have a gorgeous selection of customizable diamond wedding rings – just select your band of choice (we prefer classic ourselves) and design to suit your taste.

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