Zooey Deschanel for Rimmel’s fab Glam Eyes mascara campaign

God love Zooey Deschanel – her quirky look and personality has made her a firm My Fashion Life favourite, which is why we were delighted when we heard she was the face (and eyes) or Rimmel’s fabulous new ‘Glam Eyes day2night’ mascara.

So how does it work? You choose the top cap to give your lashes all the length they need when you go about your day-to-day life and then use the volume cap to plump your lashes up to 15 times their normal volume for party fun! And best of all, it lasts up to 16 hours!

We are very grateful for this kind of technology… our make-up bags seldom fit all our essentials in them at the best of times, never mind when we’re out and about and need to transform our looks on the move. The office to party look can sometimes be a pain to pull off, but this mascara looks like it’s set to solve our make-up worries in one fabulous (and very stylishl pink) tube. Hoorah!

[Sassi Sam]

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