First look at the Jaeger uniforms for Kensington Palace staff

Here’s your first look at the uniforms Jaeger designed for the staff at Kensington Palace, which coincides with the royal residence’s £12 million make-over.  

This will reportedly be the first time the Kensington Palace team have had a new uniform for over two decades, so we’ll think you’ll agree that this sartorial change was much needed!

Check out designer Stuart Stockdale proudly posing with some members of staff modelling their new uniform. Do you think they like it?

The uniform consists of a bright red, double breasted blazer, black trousers or skirts with a red vertical stripe, and a red collared waistcoat.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is always flying the flag for British designers – and looking fabulous in the process – so it’s only right that the staff at her London home do the same.

Kensington Palace reopens its doors next month, so the uniforms have arrived just in time!

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[Daily Mail] 

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