Love or Hate: Rita Ora at SiriusXM

Singer-songwirter Rita Ora, i.e. Britain’s answer to Rihanna, stopped by SiriusXM last week in a very vibrant, loud outfit which divided a few opinions at MFL HQ.

It’s a little bit all over the shop as it offers a plethora of different looks all rolled into one. You have your glamour courtesy of the bold red lips and loose waves, your grunge/skater by way of the comfy trainers and skater skirt, your typical r’n’b artist thanks to the jacket and even more glamour thanks to those sparkly earrings that have definitely not gone unnoticed.

There are a lot of ‘in your face’ parts of Rita’s look, but for us, the sparkly hoops (which we found out were diamond earrings from Jacob & Co) stood out the most. If you have a spare $78,000 casually lying around, you could snap up some for yourself right here…)

We want to know whether you approve of the way Rita’s look was put together or whether it was all a bit ‘hot mess’ for your liking.

Opinions below…


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