Christian Louboutin shoes get the Tyler Shields treatment

As if burning an Hermes Birkin wasn’t bad enough, controversial photographer Tyler Shields has now decided to butcher, batter and generally destroy a poor, defenceless pair of Christian Louboutin shoes too. Oh, the humanity!

However, it may look like the red-soled shoes are having the last laugh, as apparently they didn’t go down without a fight.

Christian Louboutin make the toughest shoes in the world it took 7 saws to get through this shoe, 4 blades were destroyed and after 20 minutes of drilling we were through,” Tyler Shields wrote on his website. “You want to know why someone would pay this much for a pair of shoes because they are like mini tanks women wear that get them safely from one spot to the next!”

This is actually quite useful information. We would never put our Loubis through the wars like that, but at least we know what they are capable of surviving. How many shoes can you say that about, eh? (Let’s not put any more shoes to the test though, you know, just in case.)

Despite the Tyler Shields victory at the end, we still think it’s Loubis 1, Tyler 0.

[Fashion Foie Gras]  

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