Kate Middleton back in Jenny Packham at Botanical Gardens in Singapore

The Duchess of Cambridge and her beloved Jenny Packham have at long last been reunited!

We’ve been seeing Kate dress down lately to watch the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and as effortlessly and unfairly stunning as she looked in her casual getup, we’re glad to see her back in her glam gear!

Kate Middleton wore a gorgeous light pink pleated Jenny Packham dress to the Botanical Gardens in Singapore, which was almost a nod to the culture thanks to its kimono style structuring.

No one can say the Duchess doesn’t dress for the occasion… she and her hubby had a pink and white hybrid orchid named after them at the Gardens, so Kate’s dusty pink orchid dress couldn’t have been more appropriate. If only we could match our clothes to our daily activities!

This is only the first day of Kate and Wills’ nine-day tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific, so prepare for many more defining style moments! How many “recycled” pieces do you think we’ll see? Are there any dresses you want to make a comeback?

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