Watch Kristen Stewart’s live webchat about her Balenciaga Florabotanica fragrance

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So, Kristen Stewart took part in a live webchat about the Balenciaga Florabotanica perfume she’s the face of yesterday… and we have the video right here in all its glory! How good are we? Pats on backs all round!

We know that K-Stew has been coming out of her shell on the red carpet a lot recently, but we can’t help but feel she was back to her semi-awkward and shy self for the webchat – especially during some of the more ambiguous questions that were submitted by fans!

Credit where credit is due though, because we would probably find it hard to talk about a fragrance for an entire 30 minutes so well done Kristen for not running out of things to say! She even makes a joke out of it at the end of the video saying “I’m sorry that we couldn’t fill a whole half an hour.” Aww!

Oh and we love how evident her admiration of Balenciaga’s creative director Nicholas Ghesquière is – we hope they work together again because we think this has been a very successful partnership!

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