Kristen Stewart topless for Balenciaga’s Florabotanica


Kristen Stewart is back for Balenciaga’s Florabotanica fragrance, and she’s sexier and more naked than ever!

While K-Stew’s debut ad campaign for the fragrance was essentially an extension of her own personal style with the mini dress and disheveled hair, this ad couldn’t be any different.

Kristen appears to be topless in the ad while some flowers were added on her back in post production (don’t worry she hasn’t been taking tattoo tips from Cheryl Cole) with her hair in a chic up-do and elegant make-up on her face.

Many thought Kristen would be dropped as the face of the perfume when former creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere stepped down – we were amongst those people – but we’re so glad she stayed on. Just goes to show that she is in fact a versatile one and deserves to be taken seriously in the acting and fashion worlds.

What do you think of Kristen’s newest ad campaign?


  1. Beautiful ad. Elegent with a bit of her trademark edginess. Love the bottle design too.

  2. I love it and love this collaboration. It’s perfect. Not over done, simple. Reflects the great things about Kristen.
    Added bonus, the perfume smells heavenly. Great work. Very pleased she decided to stay on.
    Looking for great sales and more award wins for this collaboration.

  3. I love how this ad is being presented. Last year we saw the feminine sexy punk girl, and this ad shows us the elegant grown up woman with a streak of that sexy punk that’s still there. Perfect choice when they chose Kristen Stewart to be their face of this perfume.

  4. It is the best advertising for the last time, I’ve ever seen. This girl is really timeless beauty. Just have a look at her perfect face. He loved her with Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel. She has a perfect figure. Just beautiful, without botox and liposuxe etc.. She is not trying to imitate anyone, it is not necessary. She is unique. Florabotanika perfume smells beautiful as the actress Krist Stewart, who presents it.

  5. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. The make-up or without, she is beautiful. Still forces you to look more and more. Good job Balenciaga. Good work Kristen Stewart.

  6. She is such a stunning beauty. She’s natural and real with an edginess about her. I will definitely have to take a whiff of the perfume and buy.

  7. Simply stunning. Makes you want to try the perfume!

  8. This ad is very classy and she is beautiful. Her eyes and skin are just… wow!

  9. I like the loose tendrils of hair that were left in and not photoshopped to “perfection”

  10. Just like countless other media outlets you’re sensationalising this by stating in your headline that she’s topless. We all know that term conveys a very different thing. Why do it?

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