A Beginners’ Guide To Making A Scrapbook

scrapbookFeeling a little creative, in the mood for making something special and crafty at the same time? It could be a gift for a loved one or simply a nice way to document something in your life – a scrapbook is a great way to display the things you want it to and in the way you want, too. The best way to start a scrapbook is to be sure you know what you want to scrap about. Start with a brainstorming activity and think about what it is you want to include in this scrapbook – whether it is a gift for someone, or for yourself to keep and show the children when they get older.

Homecrafts is a good way to find inspiration for scrapbooks, if you have a theme you can search for particular items that you might want to include on a scrapbook page: patterned paper, coloured or glittered pens, embellishments and fun lettering, to name a few. There is no end of items that you could use in a scrapbook, hundreds of personal things that you could include as well as products purchased from a craft shop. The world is literally your oyster and the limits are only your imagination.

You may have a theme for a scrapbook from a particular hobby that you enjoy, making music or sewing creations that you want to document along the way and a popular idea is recipes. These kinds of themes are a good way of getting the creative juices flowing and to start thinking about what you want in your scrapbook, the types of items you may want inside the scrapbook and if you want to lay your scrapbook out in a certain way.

There are many different styles of books out there so you could use a spiral style book if you are thinking about a recipe scrapbook as this would be quite durable when adding all those recipes, photos and springs of rosemary!

Gather up items that you want to go into your scrapbook; these could be photos of delicious cookies, wrappers from particular cooking items that you have used in a recipe, or simple written notes of what ingredients you used and put them together in collections.

Once you have a few collections in front of you, it will become clear how you want to put them into your scrapbook. Do you want to file them in certain categories? Do you want to just add them to the book in a chronological fashion as you do them? Or do you want to alphabetise them like an address book?

The possibilities are endless, it really does come from you though – what do you really want to scrap about? Where are you going to get your inspiration? Get those collections going so you have plenty of material to work with and you will be starting up your scrapbooks in no time.

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