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It’s a boy/girl thing!

It’s a boy/girl thing!

I’m not really one for the transference of women’s fashion to the guys, in my opinion this should have stopped at the ‘man bag'; however it totally works the other […]

Sex and the City film in the pipeline

Strap on your Manolos and ready yourself with a strong cosmopolitan: The news we’ve been waiting to hear is finally out. Yes, you guessed it, Sex and The City, the […]

Making his Marc

Making his Marc

Style god Marc Jacobs brought the New York fashion elite to London last week when the opening of his Mount Street store coincided with his Marc by Marc Jacobs show […]

Italian Fashion examined….

What is Paris Hilton but a cloud of pastel ectoplasm, its molecules barely sticky enough to hold form? Guy Trebay critically examines Italian Fashion……[NY Times]


FabSugar’s So Ready For The Oscars!


Girlawhirl finds her very own Stylist Essentials Kit.