Last Updated on 20th September 2005

Romero Bryan has achieved what most designers only dream of. His designs have been worn by Kate Moss, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham and Usher. In 2003 his talent was recognised by the Royal Bank of Scotland when he was listed as no. 5 in the Rich list 2020 with a prediction of being worth £30 million and unlike most he remains extremely down to earth about his success. Having just graduated from the London College of Fashion Romero began designing in his early teens, and received recognition at the age of 16 when singer/actress Samantha Mumba wore one of his designs to the Brit awards. With prospects of a great future ahead of him, we managed to catch up with Romero before he embarks on his career.

It’s becoming very common now for our British designers to jump ship and go to New York, is this something you would consider?

Well I will be leaving for the BIG NYC August 5th, in the hope of finding a job or at least new clients there to buy my new clothing line. As you may see my graduate collection was somehow different to anything i’ve ever designed before. It wa much more mature, simple yet sexy. Its sexy style came from movement rather than exposing areas, in which I’ve done in the past. So with new market in mind, I thought, hey why not try a different clientele. America watch out here I come………

Do you plan to venture into menswear?

Eventually, but for now I’d like to focus on one thing at a time, and that is conquering the womenswear first.

Which fabrics do you prefer working with and why?

I love chiffons and denim. Chiffon because I love its fludity, its movement can be so sexy yet sophistcated depending on how its worn, it can be dressed up or casual with an outfit.

You’ve had a large amount of press and publicity already, would you say this has helped or hindered you?

It’s had its advantage and disadvantages. I mean, in some respect because I had publicity before going to LCF, (London College of Fashion) expectations were high of me, much higher than anyone else, so I was always criticised with whatever I did. So I did the most importatant thing to do in such situations.

“You can’t please everyone, so just please yourself”

How did it feel to be predicted no.5 in the Rich List 2020?

LOL, that was well funny, considering I only had literally £30 in my account at that time, to be told I was going to be worth at least 30 million was hard to believe. But you know as my folks say, money doesnt make you successful, its personal achievement that does.

What does Romero Bryan have to offer us in the near future?

Watch this space. I want to gain some experience within another design company before properly making a living from my own designs.

Whats the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Learn your craft: meaning before you can run you have to crawl


Photos © Karl Pierard

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