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I love perfume; I mean really, really love it. I carry samples sizes of different scent in all of my bags so that I can refresh throughout the day. Because no matter what (unless it is my beloved Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani), I can’t seem to get a scent to last throughout the entire day without multiple applications. That is, until I came upon a great idea while browsing the perfume section at Saks.

Instead of passing out scent cards spritzed with perfume, Saks sprays bits of ribbon. I was handed one such sample on my way out last week and didn’t even think twice about it before stuffing it into my bag, next to my black cashmere gloves. Then two nights ago, when I put my gloves on, I smelled the most delicious perfume (and it wasn’t anything I was familiar with). Then, a tiny strip of ribbon fell to the ground and I remembered my sample from Saks.

My gloves now have the lightest, most delicious scent on them (it happens to be the new perfume from Chloe– it’s gorgeous!). I’m rounding up all of my hair ribbons and will be spritzing them with perfume, ensuring that my hair will smell absolutely lovely.

I’m also going to experiment with spritzing ribbon and storing them with my tops to infuse them with scent as well, and tucking bits of ribbon into my coat pockets. So maybe I’m not one of those women who can put on their perfume and be set for the day, but at least now I’m a bit closer.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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