Last Updated on 6th April 2008


So, you may remember awhile back that over at My Fashion Life we interviewed Poppy King, the vivacious Lipstick Queen and author of a book by the same name (which is great, by the way!). I had the opportunity to work with her at my old 9-5 job, and she is fabulous. Since I am now at a new 9-5 job, I can write about how fabulous she is, and specifically how much I love her lipstick!

Now, I am fairly lucky and my lips are rather pink without the aid of tint/stain etc, so usually I swipe on some chapstick or clear gloss and I’m good to go. Lipstick always intrigued me, but my makeup style has never been as much about making statements as it has been about making those horrible dark circles under my eyes go away. Nevertheless, I had to try Poppy’s line, Lipstick Queen, and I have to say that I am thrilled I did. I own Saint Rouge, Saint Coral and Coral Sinner.

These lipsticks are so light that you don’t feel as if they are coated in a can of paint, like many other lipsticks, but the coverage is superb. The colours are ultra-flattering as well…I am proof that coral-hued lipsticks are not just for grandmothers!

Lipstick Queen is available at Barneys in the US and Space NHK in the UK– I highly recommend picking some up.

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