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When fashion last teamed up with technology, My Fashion Life was left wowed at aesthetics, but rather disappointed over the functionality of the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism. Now nothing can be taken away from the visual masterpiece Fredrique Dubal brought to us in the Prism. However, such is the mind of the average consumer that when fashion is infused into technology and malfunction occurs, fashion tends to be seen as fall guy. For instance, Nokia’s move to beautify the Prism may be viewed as the oversight in delivering a functional phone.

Well fashion, courtesy of Dior Homme, has ventured into the lifestyle/technology market again, but this time around fashion has provided a foil to an already venerated piece of technology: the iPhone.

As part of the Dior Homme’s Black Tie line, the fashion house has unveiled a very demure looking iPhone Holder that complements the iPhone’s sleek presence and the Dior man. Dubbed the “Dior Homme iPhone Holder,” the all-black sheath, which is made of the finest calf leather, is tailored for the loyal Dior Homme patron that gravitates towards a darker palette (à la Dior Homme’s AW 2008 collection).

The Dior Homme iPhone Holder is not the first time the Dior house has forayed into technology/lifestyle accessories with a pair of “My Dior” luxury mobile phones made available this month. What’s interesting is that this union of fashion and lifestyle is becoming more sought after by fashion houses like Chanel (e.g., Chanel’s limited edition quilted bike) as they move to connect with their patrons’ lifestyle as a whole.

However, this lifestyle connection comes at a cost. As is anything branded with the Dior name comes the hefty price tag and as minimalist as the Dior Homme iPhone Holder appears, it to is no different.

Being an admirer of Dior’s talents and a recent owner of an iPhone, I danced around the idea of perhaps giving my iPhone that debonair touch with Dior Homme’s holder. The dancing was short-lived when the price of £230 ($450)—which is comparable to the price of a new iPhone—greeted me! As of now, my iPhone is braving the elements, waiting for a home to call its own.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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  1. Not worth the price!

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