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UK (and it seems all of Europe) are in a state of frenzy over Pharrell Williams. Seen prancing about London Town (pictured above), Pharrell recently hopped across the pond to the UK to give credence to the new collection from his clothing label, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, at London’s Harvey Nichols.

Pharrell gave an energy-packed performance that wowed a rather fashionable audience of Jourdan Dunn, Jade Parfitt, Jasmine Guinness, Mischa Barton and Immodesty Blaize at Harvey Nichols’ Fifth Floor restaurant.

Just a few latitudes south of London, the folks at Milan Fashion Week were also getting a taste of Pharrell and N*E*R*D’s avant-garde brand of music at Dolce & Gabbana’s SS09 menswear collection.

N*E*R*D’s new album, Seeing Sounds, possesses a very soft-rock, summery vibe that meshes well with Europe’s edgy fashion/club scene and evidently the runways of Milano. Pharrell’s crooning provided a musically urbane landscape for Dolce & Gabbana’s pajama-clad models as they sauntered down the runway.

But the U.S. couldn’t leave Europe to gobble up every bit of talent Mr. Williams has to offer. The man of the moment was on the cover of Paper Magazine’s June/July music issue parading his new purple croc Hermès tote (which also made a cameo in Madonna’s new video, “Give It 2 Me,” that features Pharrell).

On the topic of flying the nerd-chic flag proudly, Pharrell shared this with Paper Magazine:

“It’s not that I’m necessarily proud of being a nerd,” he says, as if he isn’t the coolest one around. “It’s who I am.”

Given the success of N*E*R*D, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, and his soon to be jewelry line with Louis Vuitton, the nerd-chic moniker speaks for itself.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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  1. His style is flawless! Do you know where I can find a similar cardigan?

  2. the cardigan is Polo by Ralph Lauren…

  3. I did a bit more researching for you and the cardigan in question is the Cashmere Cable Cardigan listed at

  4. i duno if u can call it style if hes wearing the same thing every time u see him, and off topic i hate dat rappers seem to buying rolls royces now a days, RR used to be such a gentleman’s car!!

  5. I admit, Pharrell’s gotten a bit to attached with his Hermes tote that he’s sporting all over the place so I guess in that regard there’s some monotony. But who wouldn’t?!?! It’s a Hermes croc tote! As for his clothes, I’m not so sure I’ve caught him wearing the exact same clothes. Maybe the aesthetic is consistent, but you have to agree he does exude a refreshing take on dressing. The spread he did for GQ a few months back is evidence of his versatility…

    Now US Vogue editrix, Anna Wintour has a thing for wearing dressing a few times over, but we still covet her sense of style, yes? 🙂 ..Give them some slack!

  6. Vote to include Pharrell in!!!!!! Write to the author with your favorite pic of him, the photo in this blog post would be the best. He is my #1 nerd boyfriend.

  7. Yeh! Pharrell definitely has his swagger intact!

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